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General Country data

The main cultural assets of Maldives

The Maldives is an Indian Ocean archipelago located at the intersection of many nations and cultures. The country has a rich history and culture characterized by a fusion of Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Arab, Persian, Indonesian and African influences. The Maldives’ cultural heritage is a diverse mix of tangible heritage, such as architectural and archeological sites, and intangible heritage, like distinctive crafts and maritime traditions.

The legal framework on cultural heritage conservation

The 2008 Constitution of the Republic of Maldives Article 67 (g) specifies that it is the responsibility of every citizen to “preserve and protect the State religion of Islam, culture, language and heritage of the country.”
Law n. 27/79 of historical and cultural properties, adopted in 1979, establishes that damaging, destroying or dismantling objects or buildings of historical and cultural value is an offence. It then specifies what are considered to be cultural and historical objects and buildings. The Maldives enacted the Cultural Heritage Protection Act of the Maldives (No.12/2019) on 12th September 2019. The National Centre for Cultural Heritage has been established under this legislation.
The Republic of Maldives deposited the instrument of acceptance of the 1972 World Heritage Convention in 1986.
The Maldives became a member of ICCROM on 7th July 2012. The National Centre for Cultural Heritage (formerly, Department of Heritage) under the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage of the Maldives has the opportunity for training staff through ICCROM.

The cultural and natural sites on the World Heritage List

While the Maldives does not have heritage properties inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List yet, in 2013 it nominated the Coral Stone Mosques of Maldives - a series of mosques built between the 17th and 18th centuries that are made of coral stone. These unique structures incorporate architectural influences of other cultures along the trade routes of the Indian Ocean.

Adhesion to ICCROM

Maldives is a Member State of ICCROM since 07/07/2012

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