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General Country data

The main cultural assets of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, loyal to the tradition of the artistic patronage of the Princess of Monaco, pursues an active cultural policy, which encourages the development of the Arts and contributes to the dissemination of culture to a wider public. As an outreach advocate abroad and as a major sector of local politics, culture benefits from around 5% of the State budget; it is devoted to supporting cultural entities and artists; to developing quality programming; to elaborating projects relating to heritage and to financing the operation of appropriate cultural facilities, based on three main axes, including the conservation and the enhancement of heritage (dissemination of culture and support for creation).

The legal framework on cultural heritage conservation

The Government gives priority to actions in support of conservation, promotion and access to heritage (through the adoption in 2017 of a Law on the preservation of national heritage). For several years, Monaco has been supporting programmes of UNESCO (including the Heritage Emergency Fund), of the Council of Europe (of which the Principality has been a member since 2004), of La Francophonie, and of ICCROM since 2016 (Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis). Every year Monaco celebrates the European Heritage Day, which enables a wide public to discover the quality and diversity of the Principality's museums and cultural sites.

Adhesion to ICCROM

Monaco is a Member State of ICCROM since 13/12/2007


Mandates in ICCROM Council since 1958:

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Involvement of Monégasques Nationals

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Activities in/with Monaco since 2002

Activities details

Activities details

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